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Empowering people of color to own their Dreams


Brian Hill, an Online Life Coach with Boss Mobility Life Coach Services in the United States, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from Dunbar Vocational high school, June of 1976 and was married by May 1977 to Feliz Perocier - Hill.


He joined the regular Army in May 1977. Brian and his family moved to Berkeley, California, in March of 1979 and have lived in the Eastbay.

Brian was a former adjunct faculty at Merritt college (December 2009). He loves counseling, academic advising, and helping in student services areas of higher education. He graduated from California State University, East Bay, with a B. S. in recreation (85) and a Masters's degree in educational psychology: (00). 

The Mission of Mobility Life Coach Services is to inform and empower Black Fathers. Our Goal is to inspire Black Fathers and People of color to own their Dreams in the African American Community.


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